Luca Scardovi

Associate Professor, University of Toronto


Current Students

  1. -Ashton Roza (PhD, co-sup. with Manfredi Maggiore, O.G. Scholarship), Sept. 2012-present

  2. -Tian Xia (M.A.Sc., NSERC scholarship),  Sept. 2015-Present

  3. -Sina Jahadi (M.A.Sc.),  Sept. 2015-Present

  4. -Dinesh Siewnarine (NSERC USRA undergrad. student), May 2016-Present



If you want to apply for a Post Doctoral Fellowship to work in my group, a possibility is to check for externally funded Postdoctoral Fellowships, click here.

PhD and MSc:

Applications at the Master and Ph.D. level can be submitted through this page. If you want to work in my group you might want to mention systems control as your “first choice” and/or indicate my name in your application.

Past Students

  1. -Farhan Khan (M.A.Sc.), Sept. 2012-Jan 2015

  2. -Ali Moatadelro (PhD), Sept. 2014-2015

  3. -Milad Alekajbaf (M.A.Sc., co-sup. with Bruce Francis), Sept. 2012-Oct. 2014

  4. -Tian Xia (NSERC USRA undergrad. student & 4th year Project Eng. Sc. student)), 2013-2015